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So who put the Who in Wholand?

 There are as many theories as to the origin of the name Wholand as there are Whos but the most recognized tale follows. It is recounted by resident Travel Director, Water Company President, and part time Energy Commissioner, Ken Who.

by : Ken Who - June 12, 1983

Around 71 or 72, so Ken tells, there was a girl who occupied one of the cottages in upper Birchbank. The girl was going out with a a guy named Dave. One fine summer evening, Ken says, this Dave shows up at his girlfriends cottage  and knocks on the door. Unbeknownst to Dave (but not to everybody else in earshot), the girlfriend just then is entertaining another gentlemen caller. "Who's there?" asks the girlfriend. "Dave" responds Dave. "Dave who?" says the girl. "Dave", the boyfriend responds somewhat more emphatically. "Dave who?" asks the girl again. This gives rise to some widespread laughter at poor Dave's expense. "So", says Ken, "from then on we all called him Dave Who."

The idea spread to include a whole band of summer neighbors who eventually found themselves in their cups one day in a bar in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The bunch entertained themselves by calling each other Ken Who, or Ted Who, or whomever. The humor continued ad nauseam, Ken says, until somebody said, "What is this? What are you people all from Wholand?" And the name simply stuck.

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A Day In The Life Of A Who

by : Tammy Who - August 17, 2012

Once upon a time, that is to say, “a long, long time ago”, “The Boys of Upper Birch-Bank” (or the “Upper Birch-Bank Gang” as they were known) for reasons unknown to most, became the “Who’s of “Wholand”.  Did it stem from the comical skit of Cheech and Chong, or something much more imaginative and bold, only those who were there know for sure. All we do know for sure was that it was 1972 and from here is where the following Wholand Tales begin and are told. Click the link to read the whole story.