WHO History

A Day In The Life Of A Who

by : Tammy Who - August 17, 2012

In the early years, Wholand became widely recognized as “The Vacation Capital of the World” and many memorable events were organized and held.  Most likely, the first annual event, which became the most celebrated event every year thereafter was the Annual Wholand XMAS Party.  The 1st weekend of December was the time (rain/snow/sleet or shine) when all “Who” people got together to celebrate the holidays. From all over the country, and all walks of life, a “Who” put everything aside and traveled to Wholand for the weekend long party.  Dick Who liked to start a day early (Thursday) with a “decoratin party” to be fully prepared for the festivities of the weekend. All the cottages were lit up in full regalia & decorated in true Wholand style, alcohol stockpiled for party of the year! The only rules of this party would become, “What happens in Wholand, stays in Wholand”, No “Riff-Raff” allowed, “Get up-get burnt-lay down” and “Brush Your Teeth!” (which was slang for “Takin a Pull” from some bottle of something, usually, Dekuyper Blackberry Brandy!) Oh yeah, and by the way, if you were told to “Brush your Teeth” or “Take a Pull”, you did not refuse!

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