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Hello all Whos

by : John "Shirley Temple" Who - December 2, 2011

Wow. This email kicked up a lot of nostalgia. Starting in 1974 when Brother Ted Who threatened to blow my butt out of the water for skinny dipping in front of his family i enjoyed many "World Famous Wholand X-Mas" parties. One year we were even on live radio at the "community comedy crises" radio show...

'Wholand' Residents are too noisy

by : Janet A. Sunderland, Trumbull - Septemeber 4, 1983

I find it incredulous that the article 'Pranksters Find Happiness in Shelton'; (July 17) could find its way to the pages of The New York Times. Glorifying such childish behavior is not what I expect from the Times...

John Who's Balls Exposed

by : Anonymous Who -    January 2,2011

The mystery has been solved, And the culprit is...