Who are the Whos? There's a little bit of Who in all of us. Sometimes it just takes the right environment and people to bring it out. Most won't let much out but just give a glimpse of whats inside. Those that let it all out may call themselves a Who. You know Who you are...


What is Wholand? Wholand is a place, a place on earth but more so a place in our hearts. It's less about the physical land and more about what it does for the soul. Lots of good times with good people. Memories that will not be forgotten but perhaps should be.


Why Wholand? If you haven't figured that out by now you never will. But why Wholand.com? To keep the spirit of what Wholand is all about alive long after we are not.


Wanna know where the name Wholand came from in the first place? Head on over to the History section.