Meet the Who's

Mike "Mizzy" Who

What the hell was that?

“What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song- right now, at this moment?”

You always know where you stand with Mizzy. He speaks his mind and he speaks it often. He's the go to Who when something needs to get done, and done right, which puts him at odds with the Who way of life.

He's lived on the Mighty Whosatonic his whole life. Mizzy cut his teeth up on Gilligan's Island and later came to his senses and migrated down river.

If it's ugly, he wants it, from Jeeps to boats. The uglier or more profound the better. With the exception of course of his blushing bride.

You can catch him any Tues or Thurs behind the Barbie boat, assuming Richie shows up.

He's a one of a kind, lets be thankful for that.