Meet the Whos

Richie "Doc" WhoDoc1

Dam it Ted, I'm only a Doctor!

Richie, AKA Doc, was one of the original Whos. On April 30th 1936 Richie Who came kicking and screaming into this world. The head nurse spoke up and said "you better leave this one alone". In the 70's he moved to Gilligan's Island  with his blushing bride Barb and two beautiful Who daughters in tow to fill the vacant Medical Officer position in Wholand.

Doc didn't prescribe to conventional medicine. His remedies were a bit more unorthodox and were usually "herbal" in nature. There wasn't an ailment he couldn't cure with the herb he pulled from his satchel.

Doc passed on to join the Whos that had left before him on Good Friday back in 1992. No doubt  there was quite the congregation to welcome him, party cups raised. Cheers to you Doc Who.